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JASON CRUMER-Stare at the Devil LP


*Includes full color double sided poster/insert*

Jason Crumer’s seventh album, “Stare at the Devil,” is the album the white-knuckeled noise fanatics have been waiting for, the ones who can’t get enough of the all-harsh short pieces like “Burning in Hell” or “When the Dust Won’t Settle.” Instead of building a single piece over an entire LP side (or CD), “Stare at the Devil” sounds like ten perfectly constructed noise 7-inch sides, each one different enough from the others to stand on its own as a fully-formed, perfect track, but all unified by Crumer’s distinctive approach to structure, texture, and atmosphere.

The album leads with its most snarling track, “Arrogant Self Defense,” a seven-minute salvo of high-pressure loops and deeply embedded samples, a split-level world of all-out harshness and narrative disquiet. Several tracks invoke elements from previous albums: the horn section from “Disqualifier” adds acoustic tone colors to “Blood and Tahoe,” and “Men of No Substance” has some of the suffocating, blurred atmospheres as “Future With No Chance” while burning at a much hotter temperature.
Because of the range and intensity of upper-level frequencies on the original recording, mastering and pressing to vinyl required a new vinyl-specific mix. Each version enhances different aspects of the original recordings and provides a unique listening experience.

Crumer refuses to merely churn out product; each album is a progression and an improvement on the last, and “Stare at the Devil” absorbs the best elements of prior albums while winding the intensity up to a near-constant fever pitch.